(includes various relevant documents and forms)


The Larnaca College Research Office aims to:

  • Secure the highest quality standards for research projects carried out through Larnaca College.
  • Motivate academic staff to embark on and continue their research activity, and promote such activity from the academic staff.
  • Give skills development assistance to academic staff who are not PhD holders but wish to pursue PhD study.
  • Disseminate research and knowledge through the organization of seminars, guest lectures and other events, as well as with the publication of the Larnaca College journal.
  • Involve the college in research projects granted by EU or Cyprus research institutions.
  • Cultivate the research skills of students and support them in all their undertakings that might involve research.


In sum, the Larnaca College Research Office will consolidate research carried out by the college in ways that will facilitate the continuous production of knowledge and will support and motivate not only the academic staff but also the student corpus.