Language Policy 

The College offers courses in English and Greek. Each course programme aims and learning outcomes and ECTS value is explicated. The course catalog is updated yearly, and courses are announced before summer of the preceding academic year. The course catalogue comprises information on the institution, programs and general information for students.The College has developed a special language policy on preparing Erasmus+ participants for outgoing mobility. Before an Erasmus mobility or other foreign experience, we encourage our students to study the language of the host country on their own as soon as their mobility application has been accepted. All students have to take a proficiency test to locate his/her foreign language level. Next, we offer Language Advising Service where students are provided advice about what level he/she should cover before going to study abroad, and which learning options are available to match with partner Colleges/Universities.

Language preparation is a crucial element to ensure success in mobility outcomes to cope with everyday challenges during the study and to have good exam results. The Institution includes in its selection criteria the necessary language skills needed and the capacity of the students to improve their language skills i.e. through on-line tools such as the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS). The support includes a mandatory language assessment before mobility and another assessment at the end of the mobility period. This before-and-after assessment indicates that the measurement of progress is seen as an important part of OLS, and not just language learning. The Institution offers English language courses to outgoing students and intensive Greek language courses for incoming students.

As mentioned before our College will offer courses and language support in English for outgoing mobile students and staff as well as for incoming. For incoming students Greek courses will be offered as well. The aim of the courses is the acquisition of language skills, so that students/staff can attend their courses/training and take maximum benefit of their mobility assignment.