AIA Accounting

The Association of International Accountants (AIA) is a global body for professional accountants. We aim to create world class accountants; through offering high-standard, relevant and innovative qualifications, and providing first-class, tailored and pertinent services for our members around the world.

Founded in 1928, the AIA has promoted the concept of ‘international accounting’ to create a global network of accountants in over 85 countries worldwide. We have always believed in opportunity, quality, diversity, accountability and transparency, and these principles are reflected in everything that we do.


The AIA is a designated Body under the European Union Directive on the Mutual recognition of Professional Qualifying in respect of the activity of Company Auditors in all member states of the EU.


The Association’s Professional Qualification is recognized for the purpose of audit of public companies. Members of the Association are eligible for membership of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus.