Larnaca College is one of the most vibrant colleges of Higher Education set up in Larnaca, Cyprus. Moreover, it offers high standards of private university-level education on a wide range of programs.

The college admits students from around the world.

Larnaca College is registered and accredited from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. Education in Cyprus offers high Standards of Education. Universities and Colleges in Cyprus are accredited by the same accreditation agency CYQAA, having the same quality characteristics, and in line with European Standards and Guidelines.

Larnaca College’s programs of study are very popular with Home, European and International students. Some favourite programs are the Master in Business Administration (MBA) with Specializations in Management, Public Management, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Hospitality Management and the BBA with specialization in Management, Accounting and Financial Management and Hospitality management. Our Diploma in Early childhood Education has been very successful as a first step to acquire a Bachelor in Education.

Programs of Study

All programs are fully accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (CYQAA), the accrediting authority in the Republic of Cyprus.


Undergraduate Studies (BA)

All of the Undergraduate college's programs are accredited by The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA). Offering a variety of...
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Postgraduate Studies (MBA)

Accredited by CYQAA Larnaca College is offering a carefully structured MBA with a number of designated pathways/specializations. Each pathway leads to a designated award.
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Professional Studies (Diploma)

Larnaca College is offering continuing education programs in accounting prepare students for work in the accounting, auditing and taxation fields.
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What People Say




“ I have no regrets studying hospitality management and I look forward to achieving success in the industry. Larnaca College is preparing me well for my future career by giving me a good, learning environment. I’m able to learn from experienced lecturers and fellow students from many different countries and cultures. I enjoy the projects and presentations I have to do as it strengthens my creativity and communications skills, promotes teamwork and creates opportunity for knowledge sharing.”




“I have made friends with the other International students here at Larnaca College and we are getting to know more of the local students as we get involved in more activities. Larnaca College has even excited my expectations and I am very happy to be here! At Larnaca College, everything operates in a professional way! Lecturers, in particular want to make sure that all students understand the material taught.”




“I like the fact that classes are small and that the instructors are friendly. They are always willing to help, and are very flexible in meeting to help students. The environment here is sociable and many of my classmates have become friends”.

“I like the instructors at Larnaca College. They take the time to explain course subjects and are very supportive to students who require extra help.”

“I found the program very useful and fulfilling. I really think the lessons I learned here will help me throughout my life.”




“I’m very pleased with the work done by Larnaca College faculty members. They were professional, quick to respond, and helped me understand, something I had no previous experience with I felt the quality of their work was excellent.”

“Not only I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the course also gave me an insight into how business works. With resources to understand how to go about starting up a business or understand how companies work in general, I feel better equipped to seek that promotion I have been wanting. Thanks to the dedicated team at Larnaca College for their help support. The course is definitely worth doing.”

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