It is a privilege and an honour to welcome all our new and potential students to Larnaca College. I am very happy to see people eager to explore the challenges of the world of academia. People who have the ambition, to face the realities of life through education.

Larnaca College (www.larnacacollege.ac.cy) is one of the most vibrant colleges set up in Larnaca Cyprus and offers high standards of private education on a wide range of programs to students from around the world. Larnaca College is duly registered and recognised from the ministry of ‘Education and Culture of Cyprus. Larnaca College has registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus a BA in Business Administration and a BA in Hospitality and Tourism. Larnaca College is an approved centre of Northern Council of Further Education from the UK (www.ncge.org.uk). Larnaca college students can be transferred to the UK for further studies at any time, if they wish to do so.

Larnaca College also collaborates with Comenius University and is authorized to run a Pre medicine courses for students wishing to Join Medical Universities. In October 2012 the Association of International Accountants has approved and authorised, Larnaca College to run AIA Professional Qualifications.

The Faculty consists of highly qualified academic instructors, experienced practitioners and researchers who know how to enrich the educational experience of students. The facilities, the number and standard of lecturers and the coordination of courses complying with the innovative European Education System, all contribute to giving Larnaca College the prestige and unique characteristics of a European College.

The college motto ‘Knowledge-Wisdom-Success’ underlies the philosophy of the college. It is an extension of the ethos of the college which is characterized by a democratic and positive climate, respect for each other, understanding and cooperation.

The College stands in its own new building, situated in the center of Larnaca amongst all the cities facilities. The ground floor consists of the main entrance and houses all the students’ personal lockers. The first floor offers covered, ample parking for staff and students. The second floor consists of the reception area, administrative offices, faculty offices, PC-lab, cafeteria, Library and the Directors office. All Lecture rooms and auditoriums are on the third floor. Both the third and second floors offer ample toilet and wash room facilities.


 Welcome to Larnaca College!

Pambos Neophytou